How Is The VII Foundation Addressing Visual Journalism’s Challenges? A Conversation With Gary Knight


What is the state of visual journalism, and how is The VII Foundation addressing the challenges? What are the foundation’s current activities, and what is planned for the future?

In this event, Gary Knight, co-founder and CEO of The VII Foundation and co-founder of VII Photo, and Dr. David Campbell, Education Director of The VII Foundation, outline the foundation’s work and engage in a Q&A session with webinar participants.

The VII Foundation was established in 2001 alongside VII Photo with a mission to radically transform visual journalism as funding through traditional sources for continuing documentary practice and long-term journalism projects diminished.

The foundation was driven by the conviction that a non-profit structure would be an appropriate vehicle to initiate stories that advocate for change, impact policy, and train a new generation of visual journalists immersed in their own communities. That culminated last year in the foundation acquiring VII Photo.

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