Review: After the Image 2019

This workshop took place as a part of the VII Academy’s VII in Sarajevo: Festival of the Image in May 2019. A student reviewing the workshop wrote, “I can definitely say “After the image” workshop was like a switch in my head. I went to Sarajevo very confused, with a chaotic body of work where I was constantly getting lost in it. Philip and Daniel were great teachers–not telling me which is wrong or right but just giving a direction and pushing myself to find my own truth.

They helped me see and think about the deeper meaning of the image, not only about its photographic qualities but to see it as a result of a process which have engaged my knowledge and understanding about the subject. They helped me understand the great importance of the sequence, to understand how crucial is to match the right photographs in order to communicate ideas. We were talking about everything around bookmaking–creating dummies, using textures and colors, engaging various design techniques. Just a great experience!”