VII Masterclass Barcelona

VII is pleased to announce the 26 participants from 12 countries selected for the 2019-20 VII Masterclass Barcelona. The second of three Masterclass sessions was completed last month in Barcelona, led by VII Masters Stefano De Luigi and Maciek Nabrdalik, and tutors Ed Kashi and Maggie Steber. Tutors Anush Babajanyan and John Stanmeyer joined the first session in September. Ron Haviv and Ilvy Njiokiktjien will join the third and final session in March 2020.

  • Lys Arango, Spain
  • Brenda Bancel, USA
  • Paroma Basu, India (living in Spain)
  • Caterina Berti, Italy
  • Dottie Bond, USA
  • Laurel Chor, Hong Kong
  • Leonardo Carrato, Brazil
  • Michele Curel, USA (living in Spain)
  • Linelle Deunk, The Netherlands
  • Gautam Doshi, India
  • Oliver Doyle, USA
  • Davide Germano, Switzerland
  • Ingrid Halvorsen, Norway
  • Arturo Velazquez Hernandez, Mexico
  • Trey Horvath, USA
  • Tira Khan, USA
  • Iuri Moradillo, Brazil (living in Peru)
  • Katja Muller, Switzerland, (living in Senegal)
  • Jerald Packiasamy, India
  • Cristian Kith Pollini, Brazil (living in Hungary)
  • Hailey Sadler, USA
  • Valentina Sinis, Italy
  • Pooyan Tabatabaei, Iran (living in Canada)
  • Tamer Tamar, Turkey, (living in Switzerland)
  • Bedwin Thomas, UK, (living in Spain)
  • Antonio Zaforteza, Spain


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