Ed Kashi Near and Far

From: October 26, 2015 @ 00:00 EDT
To: October 29, 2015 @ 23:59 EDT
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“You don’t have to travel abroad to make great pictures. Explore photojournalistic story telling in your own life.”

Dallas Center for Photography will be holding a workshop, “Ed Kashi Near and Far” in the Fall of 2015. DCP is happy to bring Ed to Dallas to lead a workshop on the concept of Working Near and Far. Over four days you’ll meet at the studio and go out in the field to discover what photography means to you in the context of visual story telling. Some of the ideas and topics that Ed will explore with you:

  • Near: Photographing a detail in your home that tells where you live and what you do to.
  • Personal history: Telling a story in pictures of your own life.
  • Keeping in close: How to approach and photograph someone you have access to.
  • Finding the exotic in your own back yard: “You don’t have to go to Afghanistan to make great pictures.”
  • Far: discussing how photography can report and affect geopolitical issues.
  • How social media and image sharing platforms like Instagram can be used to curate and publish visual stories.

This workshop is an opportunity to work with a renowned teacher and photographer. A chance to dig into your own life and surroundings and report back on it in a way that will visually engage others. Through field shooting, edit sessions and individual critiques you’ll come away with a wealth of new ideas and a deeper insight into your own photography and your own world.