Level 2 Seminar in Photojournalism and Documentary Storytelling 2022

From: April 26, 2022
To: July 19, 2022
Scholarship eligibility
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Image from the series, “The Mladenov family”, which explores the life of a family that lives near Dimitrovgrad in Serbia. During COVID-19, the family were barely able to eke out a livelihood through the sale of their dairy and meat products. ©Vladimir Zivojinovic for VII Academy

Over a period of 12 weeks, this Level 2 Seminar online will advance the skills that you developed in VII Academy’s Level 1 course on Photojournalism and Documentary Storytelling. During the seminar, you’ll explore themes relating to ethics and good business practice, as well as how to research and shoot a long-term photography essay.

Weekly photo assignments will help you to create a story using the building blocks of good visual journalism. All the concepts that you learned in Level 1 will be extended and explored more in-depth.

You will use the skills and knowledge gained in the introductory module to develop the ability to work on longer term stories that might take weeks or months to complete. Aided by your tutors, during the program you will research, plan and execute a longer-term photo essay on a subject of your choice that you should expect to spend approximately 4-6 weeks shooting to allow time for project development and editing.


The format of this Level 2 Course will follow a similar approach as Level 1. Each week will begin with a lecture on a relevant concept in photojournalism and documentary practice. After this lecture, the tutor will brief you on your weekly assignment using case studies and examples. The assignments will represent key subjects and approaches in narrative photojournalism and documentary photography.

During the week, you will take the time to research and shoot the assignments to present to your tutors and classmates.

Group tutorials with the course team will support you in developing your story idea, carrying out the research, undertaking the actual shooting and then editing and preparing the story for final presentation at the end of the course.


Respond professionally and creatively to photojournalistic briefs;

Shoot photojournalistic and documentary picture stories or series;

Edit your work for extended photo essays;

Work to a deadline;

Professionally present yourself and your work to an editor or client;

Understand the visual potential of ideas / situations you are researching.

Develop proposals for picture stories and then research and undertake them


As always at VII Academy, the tutor will adapt the program to the various COVID-19 restrictions that the participants face in their respective countries and communities. Whatever the briefs, they will enable you to finish the seminar with the methodological and practical tools that we’ve promised to bring you.


Only applicants who have completed Level 1 and are conversationally fluent in English should apply for this course. The application asks for much of the same information as the Level 1 application; this repetition is necessary as a selection committee unfamiliar with you and your work may be reviewing the information.

If you are NOT selected this time, please be aware that we have a number of Level 2 courses planned for this year. Additionally, if you do not feel you have mastered the concepts of Level 1–whether this means that you are unsure if your photographs are strong enough or that you aren’t confident in practical skills like formatting IPTC information or shooting to certain briefs–you are welcome to apply to another Level 1 course for your region when available.

Eligible applicants who wish to be considered for acceptance to this tuition-free program should complete the application form linked below.

Application deadline: April 7, 2022 at 2359EST