Linda Bournane Engelberth – Outside the Binary: Changing Perceptions of Gender

August 12, 2021
11:00–12:15PM EDT
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Linda Bournane Engelberth / VII

Join Linda Bournane Engelberth and guests Benny, Koyote and Kushy for a discussion about the visual representation of non-binary people.

The gender binary is the idea that there are only two possible genders – male and female. Anyone who identifies as non-binary, gender fluid, agender or genderqueer, views their gender as being beyond this binary.

Although the terminology is new, non-binary individuals, who fall under the LGBTQ umbrella, have always existed but many people are confused about what non-binary means. Worse, non-binary individuals often face discrimination even in countries which legally recognise LGBTQ rights.

Linda’s portrait project, “Outside the Binary”, explores the world of people that identify outside the binary and seeks to produce a better understanding of people who don’t identify as gender binary.

In this webinar, Linda will present her project, and Benny, Koyote and Kushy will address how they are represented visually in the media, how they would like to be represented and how work like Linda’s might contribute to changing people’s perceptions of non-binary individuals.

This event was recorded and you can watch the video here


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