From Bosnia to Ukraine, Exhibition Documents Struggle for Peace

Imagine: Reflections on Peace” is a book, exhibition, and series of short films by our partner, The VII Foundation, designed to foster debate around the best ways to end conflict and build peace. The book showcases the work of nine world-famous photographers and has supporting essays from leading writers, practitioners, and thinkers in the area.

An exhibition of the work is currently on view at the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina until July 31, 2022. Balkan Insight interviewed VII Photo Agency Co-Founders Gary Knight and Ron Haviv, CEO and Director of the VII Foundation, respectively, about Imagine. 

Having documented conflict for more than 30 years, the question has always been from day one, what is on the other side [of war], what happens next? As human beings, how can we get to the next stage where people’s lives can continue? The question is, what is peace, what does it look like?
— Ron Haviv

I think that peace-building is much more courageous than making war. Peace is really hard work, peace takes enormous courage and strength and resilience to make, and we should elevate its place in our societies. The road to building a post-conflict society is incredibly long and incredibly difficult, but it can be done.
— Gary Knight