Lines and Lineage—Favorite Photo Book of 2019

Renowned visual artist Renate Aller selected Tomas van Houtryve’s Lines and Lineage as her Favorite Photo Book of 2019. Her endorsement can be found on PHOTO-EYE and in the excerpt below. 

“In his exceptionally beautifully printed book, Lines and Lineage, Tomas van Houtryve recontextualizes and corrects the narratives and mythologies of the Far West as they had been mispresented in the American awareness for the last 150 years — and again self-servingly for the recent administration.

“He intentionally uses a 19th-century camera and wet plate process to re-tell the untold Mexican story in the way that it would have been told in the mid-19th century. Filling in this blank that Western perception consciously created, he pairs as diptychs, compelling portraits of descendants of the original Mexican inhabitants with landscapes that describe their link and connectedness to the land.”

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