Ali Arkady

Contributing Photographer

Ali Arkady (b. 1982, Iraq) is an artist, photographer, and filmmaker from Iraq. In 2017, Arkady had to flee Iraq with his family when his life was threatened after he photographed Iraqi armed forces committing war crimes. He sought refuge in Europe, where he was granted asylum and subsequently built a new life. His photographs of war crimes in Iraq were published worldwide by international media and put pressure on the Iraqi government to acknowledge the crimes committed by their soldiers. For this work, Arkady won the prestigious Bayeux Calvados-Normandy Award for War Correspondents in 2017 and the Free Press Unlimited Most Resilient Journalist Award in 2019 for his exceptional courage and persistence. Now an educator and mentor, he counsels young journalists from troubled parts of the world on staying safe while reporting stories that threaten to upend their lives as his was.