Bernadette Vivuya

Bernadette Vivuya is a Congolese visual journalist and filmmaker based in Goma, Eastern DRC. She is an alumnus of Image Criticism and Social Justice Photography: Decomposing the Colonial Gaze at the Yole!Africa Centre. She works on issues of human rights, the environment, and the exploitation of raw materials, with a particular interest in subjects that testify to the resilience of the people of this region affected by numerous conflicts.

Through her work, she highlights the energy of ordinary citizens to build a new Congo, while denouncing the obstacles to development. It is dear to her heart to show this reality as it is perceived by the Congolese people, according to their symbols, traditions and cultural references.

As a journalist, she collaborates with various media, including Equal Times, and has produced video reports for Global Africa Press (an American news agency and contributor to the Voice of America), as well as Deutsche Welle.

She is a contributor to “Congo in Conversation”, a collaborative project by photographer Finbarr O’Reilly, the 11th winner of the Carmignac Photojournalism Award.

She is a member of Women Photograph, the African Women in Photography Database, and the African Photojournalism Database.