Dr. Lauren Walsh

Dr. Lauren Walsh teaches at The New School and New York University, where she is the Director of the Gallatin Photojournalism Lab. She is also the Director of Lost Rolls America, a national archive of photography and memory. Walsh’s most recent book is Conversations on Conflict Photography. She is co-editor of The Future of Text and Image and The Millennium Villages Project, and editor of Macondo: Memories of the Colombian Conflict. She has published widely in mainstream media and academic journals and anthologies. She is the co-director of Biography of a Photo, an in-progress documentary film about two iconic photographs of conflict.

Walsh’s lecture series for VII Academy workshops focuses on responsible documentary practice, with emphasis on media literacy and ethical concerns. Topics include the role of journalism in society, an understanding of stereotypes in visual storytelling, considerations regarding consent from subjects, and documenting issues of crisis or hardship. Lectures are followed by discussion sessions, where Walsh leads conversations with students about their own work and the images we encounter in contemporary culture.