Milan, Italy

Franco Pagetti

Contributing Photographer

Franco Pagetti, who lives and is based in Italy, has been a news photographer since 1994. Most of his work has involved war situations such as the conflicts in Afghanistan, Kosovo, East Timor, Kashmir, Palestine, Sierra Leone and South Sudan.

Pagetti covered the conflict in Iraq starting in January 2003, three months before the start of the war. Afterward he was almost constantly based in Baghdad, mainly on assignment for Time Magazine. His images captured the horrors of war, the brief flowering of hope after the downfall of Saddam Hussein, the rise of insurgent and terrorist groups, and more recently, the inexorable descent into a bloody sectarian civil war.

His non-conflict news photography has included assignments in India, the Vatican City, Cambodia, Laos, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia and his native Italy. In addition to Time Magazine, he has worked on assignment for NewsweekThe New York TimesThe New Yorker and Stern. His work has been published in Le FigaroParis MatchThe Times of London, and The Independent.