Paolo Manzo

Paolo Manzo is a photographer based and trained in photography in Naples and at the European Institute of Design in Rome.

Since 2012, Manzo has been working on a long-term project about social, economic and
cultural issues of Naples. The series is titled ‘The Invisible City’ and focuses on the negative impact of ineffective policies and lack of intervention by institutions. The desire to make a story about the Neapolitan suburbs arose during his adolescence. When driving home with his parents, they crossed a peripheral road in the eastern area of Naples. They stopped to look at a cluster of tall buildings in reinforced concrete, fantasizing about the lives of those inhabitants and wondering if they lived the same difficulties as them. With his series, Manzo wants to make visible the dark side of economic inequality, social injustices, and urban segregation widespread in the city.

His work has been featured in several national magazines like Vanity Fair, La Repubblica, Donna Moderna, Millennium, and international magazines such as Focus Magazine, Edition Gallimard, and El Pais. 

In 2023, Manzo received the Pierre & Alexandra Boulat Award. The same year, he also won the Felix Schoeller Photo Award and became a finalist at the Kolga Tbilisi Photo Award.

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