Photographing the Personal

As photographers, we are most often telling the stories of others. We are a curious bunch and want to know what happened, when, and why. We are very privileged that people let us into their lives, often at the very worst times. This lecture will be about how we can enter into these intimate and difficult situations in a tender and respectful way with people who we don’t know but whose stories are critical. It will go one step further in addressing how we, the storytellers, also can apply photography to sharing our own stories and why that is often life-changing.

Maggie explains, “I’ve always thought that if we ask people to be so vulnerable before us, we should be willing to be vulnerable and open ourselves. Sometimes in doing so, we learn things about ourselves and our families and friends we never knew and these can be great gifts.” Maggie will show and talk about her work in Haiti over a 30-year period as well as a 3-year project on face transplants and the 9-year project of following her mother through the melancholic voyage of memory loss and the gifts that came along with staying the course and being the warrior.

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