Visual Storytelling with NGOs, Foundations and Non Profits with Ed Kashi

Why do you do your work? What compels you to choose your projects? As a visual storyteller who for decades has focused on some of the most important issues of my time, I have found in recent years greater opportunities and satisfaction in working with non-traditional editorial type clients to produce meaningful photo essays and short documentary films on issues that I care about. In this lecture, I share work from projects spanning the past decade that reflects how our industry has changed, and the creative and impactful ways I’ve been able to make new work and make a difference. It took me years to understand how my work was already having an impact, and that I could translate it more directly into collaborative relationships with NGOs, foundations, and nonprofits, and then utilize the media to reach a broader audience. I map out different scenarios that I’ve experienced to stimulate ideas, visions, and questions in your minds. I discuss the importance of authorship and maintaining creative independence. Finally, I explain how to effectively use the new paradigms for producing and financing projects and the importance of expanding one’s skillset to include audio and video.

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