Review: Berlin Night, Berlin Light: Exploring the Personal in Photography

This was an intense, immersive shooting workshop that pushed students further than they hoped they could go in their photography work. In just five days, they produced in-depth photographic essays. The focus of the program was to help each student find a unique personal voice in their work and return home with a new way of seeing their images and the world of photography.

The program was hands-on; Danny and Linda guided students through the rigorous steps of research, choosing their visual approach, building relationships, navigating ethical issues, editing and presenting their work. They also discussed how to build innovative distribution platforms for the work, harness the power of social media, and successfully disseminate projects in this complex time of change in the photography landscape. Two students received scholarships from the VII Academy to participate in the workshop. A selection of their images can be viewed below.

With Your Beautiful Eyes, You Will See So Many Things

Joe Aguirre writes: My series entitled, “With Your Beautiful Eyes, You Will See So Many Things,” is an exploration of Berlin, the people I met, and myself. Using visual language I started off with the intention of showing who, where and what, but instead I started being asked why? 

Why and who am I? Who was I looking for and what am I chasing and why?

It’s easy to hide behind the lens, easy until more of me starts appearing in front, both physically and emotionally. The end of my time in Berlin doesn’t seem like an end to this series, but the beginning of answering the question, “Who am I looking for?”

I don’t have the answers right now but I intend to find them. 

German Nudity

Jiraporn Kuhakan explored her own curiosity of how Germans perceive nudity in unique way.