Stefano De Luigi takes over Open Society Foundations’ Instagram

The skulls of 19 chimpanzees seized by the Laga (Last Great Ape Organization) a Cameroonian organization that works with law enforcement to protect the wildlife in Cameroon. These skulls were seized in December 2015 by Laga from a Cameroonian citizen's luggage in a car in YaoundË. The man was arrested and has been sentenced to 3 years in jail and a fine of 2 million of CFA. YaoundË, Cameroon. February 2016.

Stefano De Luigi will be taking over Open Society Foundations’ Instagram with his project “Bushmeat, a Silent Ecological Disaster.”

The project is about how the illegal trade of protected fauna, ivory, and bushmeat contribute to extinction, environmental destruction, and fund terrorist groups in Cameroon and Chad.

Follow along through February 8!

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