Still Lives

“In this unnatural state of isolation, photographers show us the things that bind.” The New York Times recently asked 15 photographers, including VII’s Maggie Steber to document their lives in quarantine. 

“I am a documentary photographer who has worked in 70 countries covering war and hunger and many sad things but also great beauty and courage.

I live alone in a small house in Miami with two cats, A and B, who think they are dogs. I don’t mind being alone during this corona crisis because I grew up alone, an only child of an only parent who was a brilliant and eccentric scientist.

I was fortunate to have the mother I had. She was a parasitologist and worked with viruses as well, including early research on the AIDS virus. When I was a child, my mother would tell me bedtime stories in which the main characters were parasites and viruses. On weekends, we would go to her lab and I would play with white mice and look with fascination at jars containing tapeworms and all kinds of icky-looking manifestations of parasites…”

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