VII Academy Sarajevo hosts 4th KUMA International Summer School

For two weeks the campus of VII Academy Sarajevo hosted students and lecturers of the 4th KUMA International Summer School.

This edition of KUMA International Summer School in partnership with VII Academy Sarajevo brought together sixteen students from BiH, Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Italy, the Netherlands and Canada for a two-week educational program on “Borders and Migrations.” This program offered unique tools that addressed and reflected on geopolitical boundaries and their ethnic and political divisions while advocating for a conflict-free society. Students had the opportunity to attend lectures by local and international artists as well as researchers whose practices examine notions of exile, migration, and the questions of crossing and overcoming borders to further the interdisciplinary debate that critically interrogates the border-migration nexus.

“It has been a real pleasure to work with our partners at VII Academy Sarajevo. Our students and staff truly enjoyed VII Academy’s premises, as well as the professionalism and kindness of VII Academy’s staff. We felt welcomed and taken care of. We are grateful and thankful for our cooperation and we hope there will be other chances in the future to work together,” said Claudia Zini, director of KUMA International.

Our partner KUMA International is a non-profit organization established in Sarajevo in 2018 with to educate the next generation on how the arts can foster and encourage constructive dialogue on human rights and justice, civil society engagement and democratic participation.

Image courtesy of KUMA International