A Journey Into My Archive – Episode 4

This is the fourth episode of the journey into my archive – to see what I have, and tell you about how the work was made and give you some of the stories behind the images.

In this episode, I explore the contact sheets of 18 rolls of film from the First Chechen War, mainly dating from January 1995.

I’ve created a soundtrack for this episode that is designed to emulate the constant fear that hung over you. Like death waiting to strike at any moment, this tension never went away, nor did the thudding sound of the earth being punched by metal fists. Constantly, day and night.

This is why I’ve created this audio; I want to bring you into the pictures to feel what I felt, and sometimes sound can help keep you where I’m trying to take you. https://vimeo.com/664763484

This video series is made possible by support from Fujifilm, our partner PhotoWings, and The VII Foundation.


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