Announcing the 2022-23 VII Masterclass in Arles Participants

VII is pleased to announce the 20 participants selected for the 6th VII Masterclass. The first session of the 2022-23 Masterclass in Arles will take place from September 29 – October 2, 2022.
  • Elisabetta Abrami, Italy
  • Christopher Alpízar, Costa Rica
  • Mihaela Aroyo, Bulgaria — VII Academy Scholarship Recipient
  • Lyam Bourrouilhou, France
  • Sarah Fretwell, United States
  • Jan Guth, Luxembourg
  • Katarzyna Kieda, Poland/Ireland
  • Ricky Lavern Martin, United States/Morocco
  • Denis McCready, Canada
  • Edoardo Melchiori, Italy
  • Martin Miklas, Slovakia/Portugal
  • Bjornar Moronning, Norway
  • Joost Nuijten, The Netherlands
  • Mort O’Sullivan, United States
  • Narjes Rezvani, Iran/Austria
  • Evelyn Runge, Germany
  • Mitar Simikic, Bosnia and Herzegovina — VII Academy Scholarship Recipient
  • Ann Oakley Waterman, France
  • Ràna Webster, New Zealand/Scotland
  • Michele Zousmer, United States

The VII Masterclass is one of the most ambitious and exhaustive training programs available. It aims to develop and consolidate new talent in documentary photography and photojournalism over a period of six months. It is structured around three seminars with workshop sessions and multiple one-on-one online interactions woven in between. The principal objective of this Masterclass is to allow time for progress to develop, and for the long-term structure to have a lasting contribution to professional training. 

The Masters

 The following VII photographers will join as guest tutors over the course of the  2022/2023 Masterclass.

Additionally, VII Masterclass Leaders, Stefano de Luigi and Maciek Nabrdalik, will invite international photography professionals, including critics, photo editors, and festival directors, to present and critique work during each session. The course guests range from VII photographers to numerous other internationally renowned professionals from the photography industry.